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World-Renowned Microtia Surgeon

Microtia causes children to be born with a small, misshapen, or missing ear. Because the condition is so uncommon, only a few doctors have the necessary skill and knowledge to treat it successfully. The International Institute for Microtia Repair was founded by Dr. Tahiri, a world leader of Medpor Ear Reconstruction, to help children all over the world with this ear deforming condition.

Dr. Tahiri welcomes you to his practice. It is his aim is to provide the best care to his Microtia patients. He hopes that, through the information on these pages, you become more familiar with his services, team, and standard of excellence.

To learn more about how microtia surgery can help your child, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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Dr. Youssef Tahiri

Dr. Youssef Tahiri is a highly respected pediatric craniofacial surgeon who was hand selected by Dr. John Reinisch to partner and continue his practice and legacy of Microtia reconstruction.
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Our Mission

Dr. Tahiri is a world leaders in Microtia reconstruction and in the treatment of other forms of congenital as well as acquired ear deformities. He pride themselves on the expert care they provide to every single patient. Dr. Tahiri’s practice philosophy is based on his unwavering attention to detail.

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